what's going on with Claire

Hello Lovely!

I see you have stumbled upon my humble home (home/blog same thing right?)! I am so happy to have the opportunity to share my experience with you! My goal for this blog is to give beauty advice, share my talent of dance, help with organization tips and tricks, and just update you with what’s going on in my life!

Here is a couple of things you should probably know about me:

  1. I’m 15.
  2. I have 7 siblings! (crazy right!)
  3. I LOVE dance. I dance all the time. when I’m not at school, I’m at dance. When I’m not at dance, I’m doing homework. When I’m not doing homework, I’m making up dances for fun. Do you follow?😉
  4. I consider myself a very faithful person! As I’m writing this, I’m about to go get ready for mass, and after that I’ll go to youth group. And every Tuesday night I go to a bible study (maybe I’ll share some of our thoughts from that in a later post).
  5. I love you guys! I don’t even know who you are but i know that you are lovely! If you have put up with me through this list, then you deserve my love. Know that i will pray for all of my viewers every morning, and you are loved by me and by God!

I’m sorry if I bored you already.😁 I’d love to hear from you!


Love and Blessings,



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