Free PRINTABLES! For everyone!


*above photo credit to wonderfelle stock photos

I know that you guys will really love me when you find out that I’m making printables to keep your life organized for you guys to stay organized! (and for me to stay organized too!) This will be a 10 week series where each week I post a new printable! I hope you are as excited as I am for this!

These printables to keep your life organized will include:

  1. Monthly Calendar
  2. Weekly Planning Sheet
  3. Daily Planner
  4. Fitness Page
  5. Planning Your Lunch Sheet
  6. Grocery List
  7. Strategizing your Cleaning
  8. Packing List
  9. Password Page
  10. Extra List

Each week I will post one of these printables along with an explanation of what it includes and how I use it!

I also want to mention in advance that the inspiration for the design for my printables comes from the brand Sugar Paper. I recently stumbled upon this site and immediately fell in love. Their products are really cute, sleek, and useful. they have some products at Target that they created in collaboration. The Target versions are much more affordable and just as cute!

ANYWAY, I’m getting side-tracked. Next Thursday will be the first post of my FREE PRINTABLES! Did I mention they’re free?😃 I hope you enjoy these!


Love and Blessings,





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