Skin Care Routine!


1. Wash your face!

I like to wash my face in the mornings with just a wet rag and then at night with a rag and my super generic face was from Walmart.

Wash your face every morning after you wake-up. I like to wash my face after I brush my teeth and before I put makeup on. I feel like it gives my skin a healthy beginning for the day! Also wash your face every night after you take your makeup off. This brings me to my next point.

Up above I have a picture of the facewash I use. It’s nothing fancy but it gets the job done.



I can’t stress this enough! When you sleep with your makeup on it clogs your pores, and gets your pillow case and blankets absolutely disgusting! (sidenote: wash you r sheets every 1-2 weeks if not sooner to prevent bacteria from growing on your sheets)

I use these cheap wipes to remove my makeup. They’re really easy to buy in bulk, so you can afford to use at least one a day.

tea tree oil.jpg

3. ACNE😡😡

There’s no avoiding it. Especially when you’re a lovely growing teen. But to help with these unwanted guests I suggest getting a facewash made specifically for acne and putting tea tree oil on breakouts. I’ll pray that each and everyone of you gets blessed with perfectly clear skin and may it not be too oily (i.e. acne) or to dry (i.e. flaky and rough). 😉

My family has bought this tea tree oil to help keep lice away. We just mix it with water and put in a spray bottle then spray it into our hair after showers. I also use this on major breakouts, especially on my forehead. (yikes! forehead breakouts!)


4. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

The Key to smooth skin is lots of water. We’r supposed to drink 8 glasses a day, but it’s hard to keep track of that so i suggest counting how many waterbottles you drink a day. I know that my S’Well bottle holds 17 fl oz or about 2 glasses, so if i drink 2 waterbottles ad school I already have half of my water for the day. You can drink a glass of water with your meals instead of other drinks too! But no matter how you do it, you need water to have clear, clean skin.

makeup brushes.jpg

5. Use good makeup

I’m not saying you need to buy powder that is $100 at Sephora, you can get good quality makeup at Walmart at a reasonable price. Just make sure your makeup doesn’t have a negative effect on your skin. Some products can cause breakouts or allergic reactions, so check the ingredients f you know of allergies you have.

I have these makeup brushes that are WONDERFUL! They are both pretty and functional which is not easy to come by. I highly recommend them!


I hope this helps you with taking care of your skin! if you have questions, letme know in that comments!


Love and Blessings,



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