About Me

hey friends! my name is claire!


i am:


a freshmen in high school

a southern girl

a child of God

i love:

the lord

my family

my friends



and jazz

and contemporary

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Hamilton (the musical)

musical theater in general

Tom Hiddleston

dark chocolate

having 7 siblings

being a middle child

hair and makeup

beauty inside and out


extra! extra!

this is me trying to take a really artsy photo. fail much? lol.beauty_and_h0me_1483202666_280

this is what i look like with a turtle shell on my back. because i’m sure that everyone was wondering what that was like. turtle-shell-claire

this is what i look like when i actually try to look nice. this was before homecoming 2016. hoco-claire

this is me and my best friend on the first day of second grade when we still had little baby faces! bay-claire-and-ashley

this is me and some of my closest friends earlier this year. i love my friends so much! friends

and this is (one of) my (many) favorite quote(s)! thanks dory! just-keep-swimming

in summary:

i am the 5th child of 8. i dance all the time! i love pretty much everything but most importantly God. i  am thoroughly thrilled that i have a real person looking at this blog and if you enjoy this please come back!

post schedule

  • monday– beauty: tips, tricks, and more
  • tuesday– dance: videos of combinations, stories of dancers, favorite dances
  • wednesday– bible study: i will give an overview of what happened tuesday night at bible study
  • thursday: organization: printables!, tips and tricks
  • friday– what’s going on with claire?: find out what’s happening in my life right now



Love and Blessings,